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Welcome to my GALLERY...

My originals and prints are available for purchase through PAYPAL (contact me first and I will send the total)

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MORPHING 3mb.jpg


18" x 12"           $540.

This abstract is Watercolor Batik on Thai Metallic Thread Unryu/Mulberry Paper with gold leaf accents. Embracing and accepting the process of change as in inevitable rusting of metal and in the human aging process. All archival materials used. 

tropical storm warning 5mg.jpg

Tropical Storm Warning

16" x 16"     $640.

This seascape is a Watercolor Batik on Thai Metallic Thread Unryu/Mulberry Paper. Expressions of unhappiness and anger release in a rush, like a storm even in the most beautiful places. All archival materials used.

Quaking Aspens

18 x 23"     $950.

Aspens are renowned for its clean, majesty known for its leaves that quiver constantly, creating a shimmering effect. In addition, aspens are connected by an elaborate root system that links an entire forest of genetically identical specimens.

Blood Supermoon 5 mg.jpg

Blood Supermoon

12 x 18"      $450.

GOLD AWARD from International Camelback Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ.. A blood moon is a way to describe the red hue the moon takes on during a total lunar eclipse. When the Moon is at or near its closest point to Earth at the same time as it is full, it is called a “supermoon.”

Wild Horses under 3mg.jpg

Wild Horses

18 x 14"      $650.

Horse symbolism and meaning touches the very

heart and soul of all who love to run free. 

 Old Blue Blood - Octopus - Watercolor Batik

Old Blue Blood

16 x 20"      $650.

2023 International Camelback Gallery BRONZE, 2023 Artist Space Gallery, 2023 Mountain Artists Gallery -Third Place. In many cultures, the octopus is a symbol of mystery, transformation, and creativity. The eight legs of the octopus represent the eight directions of the compass, and the animal’s ability to change its color and shape makes it a powerful symbol of metamorphosis.

Sacred Succulent

10.5 x 10.5"      $350.

FIRST PLACE at Gilbert Visual Art League, Gilbert AZ, and HONORABLE MENTION from Art Room Gallery, International Juried Competition. This is a  representation of a "live forever succulent." The pattern of this plant demonstrates sacred geometry which represents  symbolic and sacred meanings.

Seaside Giggles sm.jpg

Seaside Giggles

15 x 18"            $550.

SILVER AWARD from International Camelback Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ - International Juried Competition.  This artwork expresses joyfulness overload. The little girl in her floaties splashing on the shore on a bright, sunny day captures the heart. 

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